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A member of mine sent me a devils tail, pitchfork and horns. I wasn't sure what to wear with it, but I found some cutesy little shorts and a white tank top. We had missed the sunset, so the lighting wasn't as great as we could have hoped for but you know that with me any set of photos has to be great somehow. It was also too dark to do a video so we decided to make a fun photo-only set. Hey its just extra pictures of me, any complaints? Didn't think so : ) All the pictures were cute, I was really trying to flaunt my tail and pitch fork here, I even get courageous and step into a cold pool. The water was freezing but I didn't let it show. Then I decided that all the clothes had to come off, being dressed like a devil I had to get naughty, duh! I was jumping around being silly like I always do and we just happened to get one really cool looking air shot and that set off all the crazy mid-air-flying-angelbunny photos. I love them, they are soo cute! Even if the sun had gone down I was still making the most of these photos. They will make a cool background on your computer too. I really enjoyed making these pictures, and even though I was dressed up like a little devil, one look into my eyes and you will see how sweet and innocent I really am. Or if you just look at the pictures you will see that somehow after sunset I fly around in the air with a pitchfork and horns!