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Everyone always tells me that I have an athletic build although some days I don't feel very athletic. But not today, I was high in energy and feeling very happy to be back in the Phoenix sun. I start off doing a little innocent jogging, up and down the steps in the path... lucky for you who gets a front and rear view of me who happens to be running with out any panties on underneath my little running shorts. Then since I was starting to break a little sweat so I had to run topless. I was worn out from running so I found a place to sit down and admire the scenery. I was feeling frisky, but I was afraid of being caught since we were in such a populated place. But them, when has that ever stopped me? I started rubbing myself until I couldn't hold it back any longer. I ran off half naked, and as far as I know only the rabbits and rocks got a view! Notice the guy who does a double-take while walking his dog...