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Well here you go, FTV's newest and hottest toy. (Not me, the car!) I am pretty into cars for a female and this car just knocked my socks off! Its a 2008 Lambo LP640, just the name makes me horny! This car is faster, stronger, tougher and more beautiful than anything I have ever driven. Oh yes, I got to drive it indeed! Ok, so now that I'm done having hot flashes over this amazing car...lets talk about how hot I was looking posing next to and driving this beauty! I bought this crazy sexy black bra with gold chains to match the color of the car, and black panties to match. I think I was looking smoking hot, not as tan as I usually am, but I bend better with the gold color of the Goddess! These are definitely poster worthy pictures. You may not be able to say you drove it, but Ill make you feel like you were right there with me behind the wheel!