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I find the upstairs of this house so interesting, you can see where everything is going to be once the builders are done with it, and I am mesmerized by the layout. I undress and look around, posing and acing all cute and just wondering around the place like I live there. I sit down and start playing with myself but I hear a car door and go for a look. Oh my, the owner of the house shows up and I am upstairs almost naked! Eeek, I thought for sure he was going to yell at me. I got my skirt on just in time and we took off. The guy wasn't very happy that we were there but it seemed like he was trying to sell us the house lol! I go and find a more secluded place to sit down, take my shoes off and start rubbing myself. Was I just suppose to tease? Oops, I got too excited and made myself have a really awesome orgasm. All that escaping and nudity and masturbating wore me out, nap time!