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Bonus Chapter Major Foot Action I know I have a few feet fetish members out there, and after lots of requests to do shoot mainly focusing on my little tootsies, we did. I start off in a very cool bikini I got from shooting with a bikini magazine a while back, nice and see thru with the g-string for the back. Sure didnt cover much! I strip down out of that using my feet to hold the suit and play with it wrapped around my feet. There are pictures of my feet being licked, kissed and I even managed to get my feet to look like they were holding hands. There is tons of pictures of crinkly toes, the front and backs of my feet. There are upclose shots of my privates too, and even some butt cheek spreads. Oh and lets not forget one of my best features, my breasts! This was a feet-based shoot but somehow we managed to include all my good spots. Feet, feet and more feet, and of course since they are mine, they are bunny feet!