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69 High Resolution Photos
36:43 mins High Definition Video
The video is where its at in this update, and there is lots of it! Mostly a good video to see me being myself, meeting a stranger for the first time. I guess you can call this a 'personality' update. And since my my FTV photographer was doing the video, its good stuff. You'll see me pose and strip down in two different outfits, while the two guys taking pictures of me direct me for the shoot. FTV Photographer's Note: It turned out that even though the guest had nice camera equipment, and the other photographer had nice lighting equipment, in no way were they skilled in the basics. So none of the photos really turned out, and the shoot became more an excuse for me to be on the other side -- videotaping another photographer shooting Alison. She is so easygoing, it was no problem for her to pose for the two strangers. P.S... that Lambo is mine :)